Instrument & Refrigeration Services

We can provide you with calibration services as per your requirements. If you require a quick in-port calibration or you need is a fleet covert instrument exchange program, we can offer to your needs.

Portable and fixed gasdetection:
– Personal Gas Detection
– Inert Gas Detection
– Alcohol Measurement Detectors
– Calibration Gas Supplies

UTI service and maintenance:
– MMC Ullage Temperature Interface
– Enraf TankSystem Ullage Temperature Interface
– Tanktech Ullage Temperature Interface











We offer refrigerating services to our customers – we are able to provide the following ones:

  • Repair of existing marine and shore based fridge installations
  • Routine maintenance services of marine air conditioning units and refrigeration units
  • Conversions of HCFC installations into HFC ones

For all mentioned jobs our company always provides experienced engineers. In view of environment protection demands we ensure that our refrigeration engineers poses also adequate certification of competency and “green cards for handling of potential ozone depleting substances”. For our customers all refrigeration jobs might be arranged even in relatively short notice.

Each refrigerating system must comply with environmental regulations therefore should be periodically checked by professional engineers. Refrigeration systems require special equipment to be applied for maintenance and repairs. Therefore ships crew might be not able to carry out maintenance on their own. Our company is able to service mostly every system beginning from routine check of installation through corroded pipes exchange to replacing old compressors with new ones.

Refrigerants HFC are substitutes for forbidden substances such as R-22, which will be banned at the end of 2014 in European Union. Retrofitting schedule is always individual and therefore we recommend pre inspection for customers to find the best solution. We offer professional retrofitting of refrigerating systems on board ships. Such installations mainly do not need any major modifications due to retrofitting. We assess what is recommended to exchange as per actual systems components condition, sealing materials wastage, etc. Due to retrofitting experience we issue some information to customers in order to avoid troubles with their refrigerating systems. The info serves than as free of charge advise.

We are able to deliver majority of spare parts and materials for refrigeration, such as filters, thermal expansion valves, closing valves, new compressors, wide range of refrigerating gases, etc. Our supplies could be arranged worldwide. There is also possibility to supply pumps for filling compressors with lubricants. We can provide also leak detectors for crew which supposes to check periodically tightness of their system. The refrigerating agents have various prices and their availability might be limited in some locations on the World. We can help in delivery in various ports/countries for reasonable prices.   The cylinders of refrigerating gases could be collected back by us when empty against credit note. We can also offer a possibility to collect and dispose old forbidden refrigerants. For such disposal we issue certificate. However such services are not anymore free of charge. Disposal of forbidden substances, as per national regulations in most of countries is subject to invoice approximately with similar cost as for supply of new gas.